Where Belief Works

Jesus saith unto him, “Rise, take up thy bed, and walk.”  -John 5:8

We all have some kind of belief system.  Our belief system typically guides us and causes us to take certain actions.  Whether we believe we can dance like Beyonce or we believe we can sing like Luther, there are things we simply believe.

In John 5, we see a man who had some kind of disease, sickness, or weakness for 38 years of his life.  There were times of the year when an angel would trouble the water, the pool of Bethesda, and if you got in the pool first, you would be healed.  For years, this man happened not to be first and was not able to get the healing he desired.

What is interesting to me, is the man did not doubt he could be healed.  He believed he could be healed – via the water.  His belief caused him to take action to get to that pool, but because of lack of assistance, his desire remained a desire….even though he truly did believe.

One day, a stranger came up to him and asked him if he wanted to be made whole.  I can imagine that he was thinking he was about to have that help to get to the water he had been waiting for.  However, the man didn’t make that suggestion nor did he touch him.  After the man assured him he did want to be made whole, the diseased/sick/weak man was told, by the stranger, to get up.  Just get up, your mat, and walk.  The man did as the stranger told him and was immediately made whole.

This was such a miracle.  I’ve had surgery on my ankle twice over a three year period.  After surgery, I’m in a cast and then I move to a walking boot.  All the time not using my muscles, even though I had assistance of crutches and/or boots, it took me about 2 months to be able to walk.  This man did not have assistance for 38 years and immediately had the muscular strength to walk.

We see the man changing what he believed IN and realizing his desire to be made whole.  When where he placed his faith changed, so did his life.  The man didn’t know it was Jesus.  At the time, he didn’t understand what his obedience to Jesus would do.

I challenge myself and my readers, what will happen when we change where we place our faith, our belief?  What are you believing to happen in your life that will immediately change when you immediate obedience to Jesus, regardless if He is a stranger to you?  Where is your belief?


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